ESEA Joy / Resistance Database Project

I'm looking to compile a list of thoughts/actions/activities that express an element of Joy and/or Resistance from East-and-SouthEast-Asian people and communities. Perhaps there was an event where you felt freely able to express yourself. Or a sharing of a particular food or meal that brought you joy. Whatever it is, once submitted, your submission will be fully anonymised.

Your submission may or may not be used (once again, anonymised!) as part of a performance I'm developing called FORTUNE. If you would prefer your submission to not be used for this, please just mention so in your message!

Each submission will eventually be published as part of a larger anonymised online database of ESEA Joy + Resistance. Once those go live, a link will be placed here!

Thank you!

For more info or other comments on this project, you're probably best off getting at me on Twitter